Only performance is reality

When it absolutely has to work, when failure is not an option; demanding clients select confidence inspiring fluid dynamics systems from FHS Dynamics.

We design and produce precision fluid dynamics systems at speed, that operate reliably in the harshest of conditions, that are weight optimised, meet packaging efficiency requirements and provide the assured integrity that clients demand.

Our relentless focus on continuous improvement, quality and client service are just some of the advantages we provide.  We operate with flexibility to meet client needs, which in many of the areas served are constantly changing (improving) and are required to very short lead times (hours).

We provide fluid dynamics across hydraulic, pneumatic and cooling systems, as well as for fuel and oil, that operate flawlessly in harsh vibration, pressure and temperature conditions.

We focus on and deliver; fast pace, innovation at speed, the application of science, in-house testing as well as the use of almost 400km/h laboratories and 24hr full power continuous performance that the F1 and WEC environment presents. The persistent pursuit of performance.

FHS have built an exemplary reputation for RFT (right-first-time) and OTIFEF (on-time-in-full-error free).  There is a relentless attention to quality, in all aspects, with certifications (ISO 9001, 14001 etc.) being used as only the minimum acceptable level.