“…exploring what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.”

Product development is continuous and client focused. We are able to work from developed CAD designs as well as from initial concepts, through design and engineering to world-class execution. We are open to engaging in genuine research and development of fluid transfer assemblies, pushing past currently known limits.


We offer full design support with our engineering team, from simple fittings or custom seals to complete fluid transfer systems or general componentry.

Through our varied experience over the years, we have come to pride ourselves on taking on challenging inquiries that often stretch boundaries. From tight packaging to hostile or extreme environments, also delivering with compressed lead times often producing custom tools to facilitate non-standard fluid transfer designs.

Test / inspection

Every assembly we produce must pass a pressure test, either hydrostatic or pneumatic.

Components are 100% dimensionally inspected (contact & non-contact systems), visually inspected (optical & digital), and NDT applied when required.


Naturally, we are ISO9001 accredited, and quality is one of our core values and is central to not only our processes but also the quality team are situated centrally within our factory
with every part passing through multiple times offering full traceability (process and material).

We can support varying customer quality requirements, CofC’s, NDT, full dimensional reports, pressure test certificates, material certificates down to the original melt if required.

Function is paramount, but we also take care of the aesthetics and appearance of your assemblies.